We Are Creatively Obsessed With Recruitment

Finally, a healthcare recruiting firm that believes in being completely transparent not only with their client-partners, but also with the providers and the communities which they represent.

We believe in being

Tech Forward & Truly Consultative



With time comes experience and with experience comes knowledge. Our teams has decades of both and we’re excited to share the benefits with you.


We feel that good, old-fashioned customer service is a lost art. Please excuse us as we over-communicate until everyone is on the same, happy page.


Jumping in midstream is not something we’re fond of doing. We prefer to evaluate, educate ourselves, and explore solutions before scoping out a specific plan.


We use machine learning platforms to more quickly and effectively mine our candidate pipeline – empowering our recruiters to move beyond simplistic requirement – matching. Combinging these tools with our passive candidate recruiting philosophy allows us to provide skilled, vetted, and pre – screened providers.


Our simple rule: if it doesn’t help you grow, stop watering it. Your time and money are too valuable not to get results. Give us a chance to create change.

Our Efficiency

We champion a new, smarter approach for client-partners. We will help our clients learn new methods, algorithms, and processes. We partner with our hospitals and create value using a custom strategy, intuitive design, and cutting – edge analytics and technology to optimize performance and achieve benchmark results.

We believe in being

Client Focused & Candidate Driven

Empowering Healthcare Entities

Empowering leading healthcare entities to impact a healthier future. 

We have a passion for technology that advances your communities and facilities, which makes us a powerful talent partner.


Healthier Communities

In service to healthier communities, we forge lasting partnerships between providers and the facilities in which they serve.

There’s a Physician shortage in the U.S. It’s a problem. We’ve created a solution.

Jobs Matched

Provider Database

Jobs Matched

Provider Database


There’s a Physician shortage in the U.S. It’s a problem. We’ve created a solution.

TEN Med Staffing is elevating under-served communities by providing them with  healthcare providers of quality and commitment. Our passion for building a technology driven company whose heart is to help the under-served of America began with a vision to shake up the old school recruiting industry and to bring it into the 21st century. 

We are purposefully disruptive in the recruiting industry by creating opportunities for small rural communities where there was none.

 We reach untapped talent for our small towns and rural communities throughout the country to deliver a remarkable experience for our clients.

Attracting Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are some of the most in-demand talent of our time.

We know that not all opportunities are created equal. Our physicians understand that we have thoroughly consulted our client partners on how their opportunity measures up. We’re not afraid to explain physician culture to a hiring entity, we’re focused on both parts of the equation.

We look forward to connecting you with the perfect opportunity quickly

The Best Talent

As we influence the future of Healthcare, we also feel driven to make a meaningful impact on the communities in which our providers serve by delivering the best talent with exceptional knowledge of their field.

We have an innovative approach to medical staffing that produces unparalleled results.

Reviews & Endorsements


“The TEN Med team is an absolute delight to work with and was a welcome addition to our recruitment effort. Nothing ever came off as “salesy”. We enjoyed working together in their client-partner model and look forward to a long road of mutual and many successes!”


Reviews & Endorsements


“We’ve never had much luck with a retained model for our provider recruitment, TEN Med Staffing was able to give us options within their marketing reach, to choose which efforts would be most advantageous for US – and it worked!”



The Healthcare recruitment world is full of unique relationships, lingo, and nuances. Luckily, we are well versed in all of them. Our team has spent significant portions of their recruiting careers developing some of the most recognized and well-respected recruitment strategies in the industry.


Whether your community needs help recruiting physician providers or advanced practice, or executives, we’re equipped.

Recruitment Strategy

Your perfect candidates are out there, waiting to be wowed.

You already know your community has a lot to offer the perfect candidate. But how are you letting them know that? Do your image and messaging position your community accurately and in the most desirable light? Are you making sure your communications are reaching the right candidates at the right time?

  • Custom marketing plans per market
  • Image & message perfecting
  • True Candidate sourcing & securing
  • Opportunity lead funnel optimization
  • Robust Industry Partnerships
  • Maximize your reach    


AdWords & PPC Campaigns

The game is getting online leads; this is how you compete.

In an increasingly competitive digital marketing landscape, organic SEO – on its own – is no longer enough. This is where paid online advertising comes in. Your facility must go to battle for each candidate, and your weapons are words, keywords, and the right ones come at a price.

We manage your messaging, decreasing your work load and anxiety while increasing ROI.

  • Ad Words & targeted marketing campaigns
  • Goal setting & conversion tracking 
  • PracticeMatch, MDJobSites, Practicelink, DocCafe & LinkedIn partner advertising
Content Marketing

Thought-compelling content helps your message grow.

The purpose of content marketing is to attract passive candidates by consistently creating and curating relevant and engaging content with the intention of igniting conversation.


  • Blogs
  • Social media content 
  • Social media content 
  • Optimized web content
Conference & CME Attendance

We’re not your preferred vendor, and we definitely, don’t exhibit. We want to learn, we want to be educated, and our attendance is to gain industry knowledge – to add value to our client partner relationships.

When candidates know about your community and the opportunity at hand is when the rubber meets the road. We understand that you do not have the time, staff, or the means to attend conferences and CME events on a regular basis. Let us take on that burden for you.

  • National and local conference attendance and presence
  • CME attendance for passive candidates
  • Residency Career Fair attendance
  • Virtual and Regional Live Career Fairs
  • Pre and Post - email marketing

Truly Consultative Means TRUST

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